A Story on Bravery with Lauralee Hites

A Story on Bravery with Lauralee Hites

March 29, 20242 min read

Let’s talk about bravery in the business world - not the kind you see in movies, but real, heartfelt courage. 

This story is about my friend Lauralee Hites, who took a leap of faith that most of us dream about but rarely dare to make. 

Lauralee seemed to have the dream setup: working from home, earning a great salary, with all the perks that come after years of hard work. On paper, she had it made, and yes, I was one of those people who told her she had landed the cushiest of gigs (because what are friends for, right? 😄). 

But here’s where the plot twists - she wasn’t feeling it. Over coffee one day, she shared how the job just wasn’t sparking joy anymore. It wasn’t the work she hated; it was the lack of passion it stirred within her. And then, the million-dollar question popped up: “What do you think about me starting my own consulting company?” 

Knowing Lauralee’s knack for making things happen, my answer went beyond a simple “go for it.” I nudged her to commit to a date she would leave corporate America. That day, she set a date and, true to her word, she stuck to it. 

Fast forward, and Lauralee’s brainchild, Stratavize Consulting, is not just a business; it’s a beacon of her passion for helping clients thrive. The joy she gets from her work, especially from clients she adores (like the one in the photo she shared with me, her eyes sparkling with pride), is exactly why she embarked on this journey. 

Why am I sharing Lauralee’s story? 

Because it’s a powerful nudge for anyone sitting on the fence, scared to make a move. It’s about realizing that true success isn’t about safety nets or cushy jobs but about finding work that fills your heart with joy and purpose. 

So, if you’ve been waiting for a sign to pursue that dream, consider this. Remember, the greatest ventures often start with a leap of faith. Let’s not just dream about the life we want; let’s dare to make it our reality, just like Lauralee did. 

Book your breakthrough strategy session today, and dare to make your dream happen.

Lauralee Hites

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